Building Construction

The 2018-2019 school year is about at the halfway point.  It has been a very busy time so far, with many staff members in new positions with different responsibilities.  The building project is moving forward as planned while we work through the design phase.  Daily, I receive questions about the building project, and I will use this issue to update you on the building project to date.

What are we building? – We are building a new junior high/high school.  The sixth grade will be part of the junior high creating much-needed space at our elementary school.

Where is the new building going to be located? – The new building will be located east and south of the present junior high/high school building (towards Holmes Center Road and towards the stadium).

What part of the old building are we keeping? – We are keeping the auditorium, gymnasium, cafeteria, shop, and enough area to create the board of education offices.  There will be renovations and improvements made once the new building is constructed.  These areas will be known as the Community Center.

When will construction start? – At this point in time, groundbreaking is scheduled for mid-May 2019.  Presently, we have just completed three out of five phases of preconstruction that need to be completed before we break ground.  The 5 phases are as follows:

1.  Program of Requirements – This is the predesign phase.  How many square feet are needed, and does it fit our budget?  Does the design of the building meet the needs of the educational programs of the intended use?  All these questions are answered before going to the next phase.

2.  Schematic Design – This is the portion of design in which the architect, with the school district, looks at various options and analyzes each option to develop the best plan for the district.  Are there enough classrooms?  Is the space large enough?  The construction manager looks at the costs of space and materials chosen.  Can the district afford what is chosen?  What are other options, and what are the costs?  All these questions are answered by the architect and builder during this portion of the design phase.

3.  Design Development – This is the portion of design in which the project is transformed from ideas, concepts, and broad brush thoughts to specific materials, details, and contractual instructions to implement the competitive bidding and construction of the physical facilities.  How much does everything cost?  The roof material, wall construction, flooring, windows, etc.  The estimated costs help in choosing and making decisions.  This phase helps us stay on budget, and the document created is used for contractors to bid the work.

4.  Construction Documents – The creation of construction documents is the portion of design which identifies the specific materials, details, and contractual instructions to start the competitive bidding and construction of the physical facilities.  Construction documents are produced to be used by the various trade contractors in bidding the project.

5.  Bid and Award – This last stage of design identifies the procedure for bidding and awarding contracts.  This is the last official step before groundbreaking.

Who is involved with the construction of the building? - The Board of Education and The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission have hired an architect and construction manager.

       Architect – Buehrer Group – Maumee, Ohio
       Construction Manager – Adena Corporation – Mansfield, Ohio

How long will it take to build? – It will take about 16 months (August 15, 2020) to build if everything goes as planned.  The weather, available materials, and skilled trade can be factors in the cost and completion date.

How will the junior high/high school operate during construction? – The present school building and building schedules will have relatively no changes.  The students will see very little change in how they use the school facilities on the inside.  Outside parking for students and pick up and drop off by our buses and parents will change. 

During construction (May of 2019 to August 2020), a construction fence will be in place in front of the building.  The middle entrance (present student parking) will become a construction entrance only.  The entrance near the stadium will be for buses only to refuel.  There will be no parking for anyone except for athletic contests. 


For the junior high/high school many changes will be made:

  • Bus Drop-off – Student pickup and drop-off stops at the home will remain the same.  At the school, students will be dropped off in the front of the building near the double doors that face Holmes Center Road and at the north end of the building.
  • Parent Drop-off – Parents are asked to enter at the main entrance, drive directly back between the buildings, turn around in the back elementary parking lot, and drop off on the way out (heading east back to Holmes Center Road) at the side entrance near the modular unit.  We ask this to be done as to ensure that students do not have to cross incoming traffic.
  • Bus Loading – This school year we changed where students load buses at the end of the school day.  We will continue this until we open the new building in the 2020 school year.
  • Parent Pickup – Parents are asked to enter the main entrance, travel between buildings behind the elementary, and pick up where drop-off is located next to the modular unit.  Before the construction fence is erected, a map of pickup and drop-off locations will be made available.
  • Student Parking – All students will park north of the high school next to the current building near the north entrance of the building near the modular.  We will review with students the areas to park and our expectations.  Students will need a parking permit to park and can get the permit in the high school office. 
  • Special Event Parking - What has yet to be finalized is where special event parking will be located such as athletic contests, visitor parking, and any other event in which the community is invited.