Wynford 6-12 Update Drop-off / Pick-up

Wynford Students Grades 6-12:  We are making a few adjustments to our drop-off and pick-up plan. 

Morning Drop-Off:   Instead of having grades 6-8 be dropped off by the old high school, we are going to have every student (grades 6-12) be dropped off at the East entrance to the new school (see map).   When pulling in to drop off students, please use the lane closest to Holmes Center Road (the lane closest to the school is the bus only lane).  Please pull as far up in the drop-off lane as possible (towards the football stadium) before allowing students to exit the vehicles.  This will allow us to keep the drop-off line moving more efficiently.  

Please do not drop students off prior to 7:15, as they can not enter the school until then and we are trying to avoid groups of students gathering outside the school due to social distancing mandates. 

Afternoon Pick-Up:  The only change we will be making for afternoon pick-up is that we will  release the bus riders and the pick-ups at the same time to exit the building.  Once all are safely in vehicles, we will allow the buses to depart followed by the pick-up vehicles.  The student drivers will be dismissed once the buses and pick-ups have cleared the premises.  

Thank you for your patience as we all adjust to the changes, we appreciate your understanding.