There are many factors that go into the decision to close or delay school. Snow, fog, freezing rain, temperature, wind, the forecast, etc., are all factors that can be considered when closing school. Wynford schools have 100% of students and staff that are transported to school by vehicle. There are NO walkers or bike riders.

  • The district is 170 square miles, extends from Marion County to Seneca County and from Upper Sandusky to Bucyrus, which is a large area. Weather at the north end of the district can be different than the weather on the south end.

  • Fog creates a visibility problem and fog can be clear in the north and dense in the south. It can arrive in seconds and dissipate quickly. As a guide, we would like our bus drivers to be able to see two telephone poles in distance.

  • Cold temperatures can also close the school. A wind chill of -15º can damage the flesh if it is exposed to the cold air. It creates a serious condition when combined with ice and/or snow. All combined (cold, ice, snow) make it hazardous to hold school.

  • Freezing rain is the most hazardous road condition in deciding to close or delay school. Icy roads make it very difficult to control the vehicle and sometimes roads can be icy and the driver may not recognize the ice on the pavement.

  • Large accumulations of snow may close roads due to drifting. Because the district has so many rural county roads, a two-hour delay is called to allow our drivers the benefit of daylight to travel on roads where there are no tracks of other vehicles to follow.

In most circumstances, the decision to close or delay school will be made by 6:00 am of the day in question.

  • There are times when school closing or delays will be called by the forecast. Weather forecasts are becoming very accurate, especially within the next 12 hours. There may be times that at 7:00 am, everything is suitable to have school, but a forecast of freezing rain and/or large volumes of blowing snow will cause the district to close.

Where to get closing information:

The district offers a notification system. To sign-up for notifications, please contact the board office at 419-562-7828 extension 500.

Closing information can be found on the radio – WQEL and WVNO; on television – WTOL (Toledo), ABCTV6 (Columbus) and NBC4TV (Columbus); on social media.