Food Service


Breakfast is served daily at both the high school and elementary school. The price for breakfast is $1.60 at both schools. If your student participates in the free and reduced lunch program, breakfast is free, and the reduced price is $.30.

Lunch Prices

High school lunch prices for this school year will be $3.00 and elementary lunch prices will be $2.75. Milk is included in the lunch price. Reduced lunches will be $0.40 for both schools. If your child is a part of the free or reduced lunch program and they choose to pack one day, please remember milk is with the lunch only. They may purchase milk for $0.50.

Free and Reduced Program

All students must fill out a free and reduced lunch form on Final Forms, or they can request one from school offices or food service.

The state of Ohio approves some families before the start of the school year. If you receive a letter in August approving your child/children, you do not need to fill out a free and reduced form for the school. If you have children living in your household not listed by the state on the preapproved form, please call 419-562-7828 ext 233 to have them placed on your household list.

All information received for this program is confidential.

If your child/children were on a free or reduced lunch last year they will continue on their free or reduced lunch until October 3rd. If you did not receive a letter of approval in August or sent a new form in for approval by that date, your students will be removed from the program until a new form is submitted.

Tracking System for All School Meals

All Wynford school students are fingerprinted for the school lunch program. Their print is scanned at the end of the serving line to access their account. The software used, forms an algorithm, a series of numbers and characters, which is stored for identification. It will not store the actual fingerprint and once the algorithm is set, the fingerprint is erased. Only your student will have access to their account which will enable you to keep better records. If for any reason you do not want your student to have his/her fingerprint scanned, we will make other arrangements for the use of their account, but will not be responsible if the account is used improperly.

Lunch Room

The Elementary and High School are offered a nutritious meal every day and USDA guidelines are required per the National School Lunch Program. Elementary students will have 2 entrée choices every day as stated on the menu which is posted on Nutraslice. Students must take a fruit or vegetable or both to be considered a meal. The High School has several options for lunch service. Students must have money in their accounts to purchase any ala carte items. A list of items and their prices are available upon request.


Lunch money is deposited each morning before the start of classes. Elementary students deposit their money in the classroom and it is picked up at 9:15 each day. Please print clearly their first and last name and amount in their envelope.

High School students exit their bus or car and enter the cafeteria. A cashier is available to assist them in depositing their lunch money. We will accept lunch money during lunch service, only after the line has gone down. We have a 30 minute lunch period, so please ask your student to make their deposit before going to class. No charging is allowed at either building (Please check Charging Policy under Food Service Tab). Please check your child’s account to assure they have a positive balance at all times. You can do this by going online to MealTime, send a written request to my office, or call 419-562-7828 ext 233. If I am not in my office, please leave your child’s full name and a working phone number. I will return your call as soon as I return.


Your student’s account may be found online with the MealTime program. If you do not have an account set up, you may do so through the Wynford website. If you have an account from the past year, you should not have to change anything to access that account. If you are creating a new account, you will need your child’s ID number which you can get by calling 419-562-7828 ext 201. You may check their account balance, deposit online and they have a low balance warning available through e-mail

Kathy Smock

Food Service Director


419-562-7828 ext 233