High School and Junior High Yearbook

Student Picture Upload

  • If you would like to upload a picture of a Wynford student, including senior picture uploads, go to the Wynford Yearbook eShare, and yearbook students will be able to look at your pictures and possibly put them in the yearbook.

  Yearbook Orders 

  • To preorder a Wynford yearbook, print the form and return it to WHS along with payment.
  • If you would like to order the Wynford yearbook online and pay with a credit card, click the Wynford Yearbook Online order form.  Enter 12280 for high school or 21674 for middle school as the school's order number.

Image Resale

  • The yearbook staff at Wynford wants to share its photos with the Wynford Community.  Feel free to browse the Wynford Yearbook Image Resale site and purchase any photos that we have taken at events involving Wynford students.

For questions, contact Todd Enders, Wynford Yearbook Advisor, at enders.todd@wynfordroyals.org or 419-562-7828 x114.