Art Show

This year we had students selected to receive awards at the Elementary Art Show. There were two judges that helped to pick the winners this year. Those judges were Superintendent Mr. Trissler and Wynford High School Art Teacher Mr. Lillo. For each grade level, there was one first-place winner as well as some honorable mention winners. Congratulations to all of our winning artists!

First Place Winners

  • Landon Roth - Kindergarten
  • Jacob Webster - First Grade
  • Korben Charlton - Second Grade
  • Lily Hartman - Third Grade
  • Addisyn Dairy - Fourth Grade
  • Kylee Rowedda - Fifth Grade

Honorable Mention Winners


  • Naomi Raifsnider
  • Clara Lucas
  • Opey James

First Grade

  • Sam Bursby
  • Evie Stahl
  • Bria Ruth

Second Grade

  • Alexis Emler
  • Simon Woods
  • Lily Koehler
  • Audrey Woods

Third Grade

  • Cam Cooper
  • Emma Nigh
  • Becca Ruth
  • Kalii Potter

Fourth Grade

  • Sydney Smith
  • Grant Frombaugh
  • Sam Sweitzer
  • Amelia Van Horn

Fifth Grade

  • Addilyn Kennedy
  • Rose Harigle
  • Averi Douglas
  • Sam Klutz
  • Lily Beck
  • Gavin Crouse
  • Emma Shepherd