Senior Photo Yearbook Deadline

Class of 2020


With the end of the year getting closer it’s time to start putting together the senior pages! There are several parts to the senior pages including photos, quotes, and the survey. 

Things we need from you: 

  • Up to 2 senior photos and 1 baby photo (for a total of 3 photos)

*If you do NOT turn at least one senior photo and a baby photo the only photo used will be the senior composite  photo, which was taken by Mr. Holiday.

  • Your MEANINGFUL senior quote; keep in mind this must be approved by Eleni Ritzler or Paige Rex to be printed in the book.

Deadline for pictures and quote is April 17th 

The senior survey will be sent out in April so keep up with your emails, and it needs to be filled out as soon as you get it. Thank you!