Yesterday, the Ohio Department of Education sent out guidelines for schools to operate during this shutdown.  Tomorrow, the staff will meet to try to determine how to best follow these guidelines and provide educational opportunities during this shutdown.  We will communicate with parents directly through our website and ConnectEd calls once our plans are formed.  This may take a few days and will probably evolve as we work through these uncharted times.  I know that there are many rumors and some misinformation circulating. At this time, the school will remain closed until April 6, 2020, with no student activities. 

The Governor has said that the shutdown may be extended.  If this happens, we will keep you informed of what we will be doing.  We will be working on a plan to provide lunches in the future.  Again, once the plan is developed, we will let you know.  This is a day-by-day situation which we are monitoring.  Please be patient as we are doing our best to get through this.


Fred Fox