Wynford Class of 2020

I hope all of you are doing well, while staying healthy and safe.  I wanted to send an email detailing all of the plans that have been made in regards to prom and graduation.  Please know that the administrative team and a committee of staff members have worked very hard to come up with a plan that we hope will allow the entire class to be celebrated, while still respecting the guidelines of social distancing.  

Before sharing all of the details, I want to commend each one of you on how you have handled yourselves in this very difficult time.  I am very proud of the Class of 2020, as a group there have been so many things thrown at you, and each time you show maturity and respect in your response.  I have no doubt that the Class of 2020 will forever go down in Wynford History as one of the best!!

Please read over the following information and let me know if you have any questions:


  • It is with great regret that we have to announce that we will be cancelling prom for this year.  

  • We have tried very hard to come up with a safe way to still have it, however, with not feeling very confident that even if we postpone it to late June or July things will be any different, we don’t feel we have any other choice at this time. Please remember that the safety of all involved is our biggest priority, and if we can’t guarantee that, we aren’t willing to risk having a prom. 

  • With that being said, we would still like to offer a way for the seniors to share their “prom look” with the community and each other - I have attached a video from another school that was published to share their looks, I would like to do this for the seniors.  If you would create a clip, similar to one in the video, and share it with me (either via email or drop it in the shared drive), we can put the video together and share it out.  If any of you would like to help to create the video, please let me know.  I know that prom dresses can be very expensive and many times can’t be returned, so we would love to be able to see each of you in your dress or prom attire.  Please send your video clip, no later than Friday, May 1st. 

Reverse Parade:

  • We will be holding a Reverse Parade on Friday, May 15, 2020 at 6:30 at the high school in order to celebrate the seniors with the community.

  • Please plan on arriving or being dropped off at the school at 5:45 - if you drive to the school, please park in the student lot.

  • Please wear your cap and gown - you do not have to wear dress clothes, but please dress school/weather appropriate.

  • Each senior will have a chair set up around the perimeter of the bus parking lot (6 feet apart).  

  • Each senior will sit in their chair, music will be played, and the community will drive around the parking lot in a parade format to honor and celebrate you.  

  • Feel free to bring items to “decorate” your area (balloons, sign, picture, etc)


  • Graduation will take place on the original date, Saturday, May 23, 2020.

  • The actual ceremony will begin at approx. 8:30pm

  • We will be holding a “drive-in” graduation ceremony.  

  • The ceremony will be held in the front elementary parking lot and the bus parking lot.  

  • Each senior will be assigned (alphabetically) one parking spot (your parking spot number and map will be emailed at a future date).

  • Each senior will be permitted one car (filled with yourself and family/friends of your choice).  

  • There will be a very large movie screen and stage in the parking lot. The ceremony will have an audio feed to your vehicle’s radio.

  • The ceremony will also be live streamed in some capacity (more details to come closer to the graduation date) so that your family/friends that can’t physically attend the ceremony will be able to watch it live. 

  • The ceremony will be a combination of live feed and pre-recorded visuals on the movie screen.  

  • Each graduate will have the opportunity to walk the stage and will receive their diploma from 1 or 2 family members of choice from their car load. 

  • Holiday Photography will be there to take a professional picture of each graduate with their diploma.  

  • We will be closely abiding by all social distancing guidelines during the ceremony and will have staff on hand to help with the logistics. 

  • We understand that due to certain family circumstances that both parents may not feel comfortable in the same vehicle.  We will have extra parking spaces in the back of the lot for this reason.  If you need an extra parking spot in the back, due to such circumstances, please email me and I will send you a paper to fill out to be approved for an extra parking spot.  Keep in mind that we will only have approximately 15 spots so they will be awarded on an as-needed basis. 

  • Even though this year’s ceremony will be different from normal, we will still be having many of the same celebrations; class president speech, valedictorian speech, other stakeholder speeches, presentation of diplomas, flipping of tassels and recognition of the class's top ten, just to name a few.

As we get closer to graduation, you will be receiving more detailed information concerning the program.  I hope that you understand that due to the current circumstances prom and graduation couldn’t take place as they normally would have.  However, I feel confident that the graduation ceremony that we have planned will be a very exciting and momentous occasion just the same.  Several people have inquired about us having the ceremony at the football stadium, we did put a lot of consideration into this idea.  Although, there would most likely be enough space to have the ceremony, we did not feel confident that we would be able to guarantee that social distancing parameters would be followed. 

Please feel free to email me with any questions that you have.  Thanks again for being such a great group of students - the entire community is very proud of each one of you and is looking forward to celebrating you over the next several weeks!!

Have a great evening,

Mrs. Miller