Congratulations Wynford N-10 Awards


Jordyn Alspach     1st Team Player of the Year

Caity Schiefer        1st Team

Kassidy Stanford  Honorable Mention


Averi McMillan  1st Team

Emma Steiger  2nd Team

Lyndie Williams  Honorable Mention

Boys Cross Country

Kaden Dunford  1st Team

Caden Pollock  2nd Team

Girls Cross Country

Allison Lust  2nd Team

Amelia Karcher  Honorable Mention

Emma Hensel  Honorable Mention


Dustin Brady  First Team Offense

Cody Taylor  First Team Offense/Defense

Lucas Hackworth  First Team Offense 

Baily Skidmore  First Team Offense/Defense

Matt Collene  Second Team Offense/Defense

Brian Crabtree  Second Team Defense

Owen Whitmeyer  Second Team Defense

Cameron Moone  Honorable Mention

James Schiefer  Honorable Mention