National Youth Cross Country Championship

Wynford Elementary cross country coach, Brian Hensel, and his team joined together with Pleasant and Bellevue runners to compete on Saturday, November 21, 2020, in the National Youth Cross Country Championship in Paris, Kentucky. In the 6 through 8-year-old female race, Wynford's Bristol Westrick placed 24th with a time of 8:22 for 2000 meters. 

In the 9 and 10-year-old female race, the team placed 4th overall. Wynford's Aubrey Ritzler led the way with a 15th place finish with a time of 12:33 for 3000 meters followed closely by Bellevue's Reese Meachman placing 18th with a time of 12:39 and Lexie Easterwood placing 23rd with a time of 12:46. The team also included Pleasant's Madisyn Ruhe placing 38th with a time of 13:15, Wynford's Kaitlyn Messmer placing 54th with a time of 13:45, Emily Stauffer placing 49th with a time of 13:37, and Bellevue's Chole Easterwood placing 63rd with a time of 13:59.

In the 11 and 12-year-old female race, Bellevue's Kami Koch placed 46th with a time of 12:07, Wynford's Brooklyn Stauffer placed 88th with a time of 13:01, and Wynford's Olivia Hensel placed 113th with a time of 13:38.

There were only two boys from Wynford competing at the event in the 11 and 12-year-old race. Drew Stanek placed 54th overall with a time of 11:41, and Brennen Westrick placed 134th with a time of 14:08.  

The following athletes received All American Honors and made the podium for placing in the top 25 of their age division:  Bristol Westrick 14th, Aubrey Ritzler 6th, Reese Meachman 12th, Lexie Easterwood 15th, Madisyn Ruhe 14th, Kaitlyn Messmer 24th, Kami Koch 13th, and Drew Stanek 25th.