Summer School

Summer School is off to a great start at Wynford Elementary!  Nearly 50 students participated each week for the first two weeks of the six week duration.  Please visit for pictures from our first two weeks. 

Additional students are welcome to commit to come for each week. Academic concentration on math, reading and writing, enrichment activities, and field trips are planned each week. 

The week is Monday-Thursday for the hours of 9-1. Breakfast and lunch are served daily. If you would still like your student to attend summer program to get a jump start on the school year, please email with enrollment questions. Reminders will be sent home for those already committed to come. 

Week 1: Students participated in a playground Olympics with individual awards.

Week 2: Students were visited by Mrs. Victoria Hartschuh and AJ the service dog. Mrs. Hartschuh shared AJ with the group as well as discussed safety with strange dogs and how to consider how dogs may help others. Special thanks go out to the Crawford County Humane Society for sharing this experience with us. 

Students tie dyed t-shirts to wear on our field trip to the Crawford County Fair. Wynford participants, who showed a variety of species, shared with our students their work in 4H, how to raise and take care of their animals and what it takes to show the animals to judges at the fair competitions. 

We would like to say a huge thank you and congratulations to the following students for taking the time in a very busy week to educate our students about the fair:

Cassandra Kurek
Colin Langenderfer
Blake Smith
Maddie Coffman 
Lexie Wood 
Ally Liming
Mallorie Williams
Clareese Prenger
Lyndie Williams 
Jeremiah Fishpaw - Buckeye Central 

Next week we will finish our week with a field trip to Lowe Volk Park.  Please join us for summer enrichment at Wynford Elementary!