Clinic Schedule

If you have a student that will be entering kindergarten, 7th grade,  or 12th grade, your student may need required immunizations.  

All incoming kindergartners are required to have 5 doses of DTaP, 4 doses of Polio, 2 doses of MMR, 3 doses of Hepatitis B, and 2 doses of Varicella (chickenpox).

All incoming 7th graders are required to have a Tetanus booster (Tdap) and Meningococcal vaccine.

All incoming 12th graders are required to have a Meningococcal vaccine.

All required immunizations or an exemption form must be on file with our nurse before the first day of school.  Immunization exemption forms can be found at

For questions or to schedule an appointment, please call the Crawford County Health Department at (419)562-5871.  All Crawford County Public Health clinics require an appointment except for the clinics at Colonel Crawford and Crestline.  The clinics at Colonel Crawford and Crestline do not require an appointment and are open to anyone.  You do not have to attend those schools.