My MealTime

Emergency meals for students are increasing more and more.  Our charging policy states that a student may only charge 3 meals, and then, they are offered an emergency meal.  Once the emergency meal shows up on the report, you will receive a phone call from the Food Service Director, Kathy Smock, urging you to place money on your student's account or fill out a Free and Reduced Meal Form.

Please keep an eye on your student’s account for negative balances.  You may do this in two ways: 

1.  You may call the school, ask for the Food Service Director, and she will tell you the balance of your accounts.

2.   You can sign up in the “My MealTime” app or "My MealTime" website. 

  • "MyMealTime" app - The "My MealTime" app can be found in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.  It is the app with the green “M” with the spoon and the fork in the humps of the M pictured above. 
  • "MyMealTime" website - The "My MealTime" website can be found at, or you can go to and find MealTime in the menu list, under “For Parents”.  
  • With both the "MyMeal Time" app and website, you will need to make an account for yourself, and then, you will be asked to attach your student to your account.  You are to put only the first name of your student and his/her student ID number.  The student ID number is your student’s ID number in FinalForms, or you can contact the Food Service Department to get the number.  Once you have completed those steps, you can track your student’s spending, set limits and notifications, but most importantly of all, you can see when your child needs lunch money.  This will also let you place money on your student’s account if you so choose.

I am aware that everybody’s lives are rather busy, but I would urge that you take the time to check your student's lunch accounts for a negative balance and make sure they have money in their lunch accounts.

If you need to speak to someone about your student’s lunch account, please contact Kathy Smock @ 419-562-7828, ext. 435.